NEW Steam cleaning

To find out more about this new and innovative steam cleaning method that only uses a safe and natural resource, and to get a free no obligation quote, call Avolution on 0800 1588618 or via our contact form

Benefits to using steam:     

  • steam cleaning only uses natural sources - clean water is used to create a powerful cleaning force
  • steam is an extremely safe way to clean and removes the need to use potentially harmful chemicals. Steam makes it a safe method of cleaning
  • steam leaves no toxic residue on surfaces and it won’t stain
  • steam kills most bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella and even so called “super bugs” such as MRSA
  • cleaning with a professional steam cleaner is environmentally friendly
  • detail cleaning especially those awkward nooks and Crannies “steam reaches the parts that other cleaners can’t”

Useful application for steam:     

  • stubborn fats and grease from cookers, oven tops and grills or barbecues.
  • tiled floors and walls
  • removing “black spots” from grouting
  • putting the sparkle back into taps/shower heads
  • disinfecting work surfaces
  • defrosting and cleaning fridges & freezers
  • windows & frames
  • mirrors
  • flooring such as laminates, tiles, stone, and non slip safety floors
  • ovens
  • painted surfaces
  • removing pet hairs from carpets and upholstery
  • disinfecting toilet bowls/urinals
  • shower screens or curtains

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